Practice with Purpose


When you go to the range, do you practice with purpose or do you just beat balls?  If you want to see improvement, we suggest that you practice with a plan.  One way to make a plan is to schedule a lesson with one of our CPGA golf professionals.  There are also other tools that you can use on the range to focus your practice.

Random Practice – When you are practicing, The best way to develop muscle memory is through random practice.  When you are hitting shots, change your golf club and target every shot.  Go through your pre-shot routine and hit the shot.  Your brain is always active and learning.  You may not hit every shot perfect, but you are developing muscle memory which will help when you get onto the golf course. I suggest that you use the 50 (black), 100 (red), 150 (white), 200 (blue) targets to work on different clubs.

Fairway markers – Did you know that we have white fairway markers lining the middle of the driving range and the are 39 yards apart for the entire range.  This is the average width of a fairway.  If you are working on your tee shot, pick a stall near the middle of the range and use the white stakes as fairway indicators.  Challenge yourself to hit in between the white stakes.

Alignment Sticks - NEW at the driving range, we have introduced alignment sticks.  They will be in a den caddy behind all the stalls near the clock.  The alignment sticks are a great tool that you can use in several ways.

1. Target Alignment
2. Foot Alignment
3. Ball Position

4. Turning vs. Lateral Sliding

4. Inital Ball Path

5. Putter Tracks

The alignment sticks are free to use at the driving range.  We ask that you please return them to the bag when you are finished.  

Short Game Test Area - In 2018, we created a short game test area on the north side of the range where there is range mat set into the ground beside the bunker.  We have set out six targets at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 yards.  Each concrete target is a 4x4 area and the goal is to land your ball on the targets.  Count every time you hit a shot and see how many shots it takes to land on each target.  Its hard at first, so don’t be discouraged.  The more you practice, the easier it gets.  This area is first come, first serve.