Operation 36 and Future 36ers Summer Registration


Junior Academy Programming For Summer 2019
Our Junior Academy Programming powered by Operation 36 is filling up extremely quickly for the Summer Semester. All programs are run by Derek Baker, the 2018 PGA of Alberta Junior Leader of the Year. Derek has been running the junior programs at Windermere since 2014. All registration for all programs is done online. If you are in the Spring Semester, you must still fill out the registration form before the end of May to secure your space for the summer semester.

Future 36ers Program:
Members have registration priority until the end of May. Registration can be found at: https://www.derekbakergolfacademy.com/programs/ages3-6


Operation 36 Program:
Students who are in the Spring Semester have the option to continue in their same class time through the Summer Semester. Members who were not in the Spring Semester can fill out a registration form now, and will have the first choice of any spaces that are available on June 1. The registration form can be found here: https://www.derekbakergolfacademy.com/programs/ages7-14
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If you have any questions about the summer semester, feel free to reach out to Derek at derekb@derekbakergolfacademy.com