The Board of Directors and Management of Windermere Golf and Country Club, are pleased to present the the following featured artists. Click on the links above to visit Gallery Websites. 


Born in Borneo, Malaysia in 1968, Wei moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1986, bringing his love of drawing, sketching, and painting with him. Much of his early artistic focus was engaged primarily with the Watercolour medium, but shifted to photography in the early 2000’s with the advance in digital technology.

Embracing the beauty of the Canadian landscapes surrounding him, he has been able to capture a variety of subjects, from the grandeur of city skylines to pebbles in a backyard brook.

Wei’s passion in finding the beauty in details and objects that many may pass over has inspired him to reproduce and enlarge those images on canvas and other media, all beginning with a simple photograph.

His works have been sought after by both public and private collectors around the world. Wei began his career in the picture framing industry in 1987 and is now the proud owner of a Fine Art and Framing Business where he is continuously exploring new mediums through which to express his art. 


Artist Kee Wong is a fine art impressionist who loves to create pieces of art that reflect the rustic yet the sublime beauty of nature. 

The effects in his work are ethereal and transcendent. Wong's transference of “Light” is most notable. His uses of colors are subtle with remarkable color placements yet almost monochromatic. The language articulated in his art is exquisite; it breathes an air of freshness that delights all five senses and implicitly exudes the more delicate qualities of beauty and poetic nuances of life. 

Ultimately, his language impresses the hearts of those who enjoy seascapes and all other subjects concerning nature and its rhythms of surrounding existence. 



Born in Malaysian Borneo, land of the head hunters, in 1959, this vanishing tropical island of exotic flowers and birds influenced Willie Wong to study art in various locations throughout South East Asia under various renowned Chinese artists.

After completing the Senior Cambridge examinations, Willie settled in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1979.  There he studied at both the Alberta College and the University of Alberta.Embracing Edmonton’s cultural liveliness, Willie participated off and on at the Works and The Fringe festivals, as well as having served on the Board of Directors for The Art Park.  Willie also served as art critic and juror throughout the city for various art groups, and as a watercolor instructor for the Edmonton Public School Board in its Continuing Education programs. 

Also, he has conducted watercolor workshops at Edmonton’s Devonian Gardens since 1987 and numerous other workshops for various art clubs throughout Alberta every year. Willie teaches ELLA at The U of A and also works as an artist in residence for both the public and catholic schools. The rest of the time, Willie teaches out of Kamena Gallery and helps his two brothers with the framing business.

Willie Wong traveled to Yellowknife and Inuvik to conduct workshops for the Great Northern Arts & Crafts Festival in July between 1990 and 1995 where his ‘Northern Lights’ art shows held in Inuvik were some of the most popular events enjoyed by international tourists.

Collected publicly as well as privately all across Canada, the United States, Malaysia and Singapore, some collectors of Willie’s work include Amoco, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Canada Council for the Art Bank, Northwestern Utilities, the Royal Bank, Telus, the University of Alberta Hospital and etc.

Artist statement:
“I believe a paint brush is like a musical instrument to a musician; I paint whatever my mood inspires me. But my love is to study and paint the memorable human conditions all over the world.”

Email: / Phone: 780-944-9497